Research Paper


Digital SLR and video cameras; Sketching; Photoshop; Powerpoint

Emergency Medicine Interface Research


The following is my capstone paper, entitled "Urgent Interactions: Evaluating Usability and Incorporating Information Visualization in Emergency Medicine


Development of information systems for the healthcare sector has been a rapidly growing area in recent years; however, little attention has been placed on the need to improve usability for the physicians who use these interfaces, and little research has been done on incorporating information visualization techniques to aid the complex data analysis involved in charting and evaluating medical records. This paper presents research conducted in a hospital emergency department to identify usability issues in the Tracking Board and an EMR. A comprehensive list of design issues was derived through contextual inquiry sessions and problem report diaries from physicians. Recommendations for redesign of the Tracking Board screen were developed and are illustrated in a prototype developed partly through participatory design; conceptual ideas for the redesign of EMRs are also presented. The paper concludes with an evaluation of the value of the presented recommendations as well as the value of employing information visualization in emergency department information systems and elucidates areas of focus for future research.


Ethnographic research/naturalistic observation; photo-ethnography; contextual inquiry; semi-structured interviews; problem report diaries; low-fi prototyping; conceptual modeling; participatory design